1. 5 top reasons to hire a buyers agentRepresentation. The Listing agent represents the seller and is obligated to have the seller’s best interest in mind, not yours.  A buyer’s agent represents you, and has your best interest in mind.  Your buyers agent can research market values and recommend offer amounts and help you negotiate with the seller.  The listing agent cannot give the buyer advise because they represent the seller.  Additionally, your buyers agent is connected.  They will be able to recommend and connect you with all of the people and companies that are involved with a home purchase.  Starting with a lender all the way through to the closing attorney.
  2. The Home Search. There are many great home search apps on the market today, giving buyer’s instant access to listings. But, the apps have limited advanced search filters. A buyer’s agent will take your home needs and make sure that the list of homes that you are seeing match what you are looking for. Buyer agents can also prescreen, preview, and research properties before you see them, saving you time. Buyer’s Agents are the most accurate way to see all of your options.
  3. Showing efficiency and safety. Buyer’s typically look at dozens of properties, trying to coordinate showings with dozens of listing agents can be almost impossible if you don’t have a buyer’s agent.  You will often find listing agents that are reluctant to get out on evenings and weekends to open their listing for one buyer. This makes it difficult to look a several homes at a time which leads to a big waste of your time. As your buyer’s agent, we will coordinate all showings and take you into each property.  You are escorted through each home providing security and accountability. We can look at several properties each time we go out, which makes the most use of your valuable time!
  4. The big Commission Myth. Some buyers may think that they can get a better “deal” if they call the listing agent.  This is a myth.  The listing agent is hired by the seller to get the best price for the seller.  Even if you find a listing agent willing to reduce their commission, the seller has to agree to pass those savings on to you. Additionally, because the listing agent works for the seller, they cannot help you negotiate the price to begin with, they can’t tell you if you are over paying, they cannot recommend repairs, warranties, allowances, inspections, or any other negotiable items that a buyer’s agent will be working hard to get for you. The seller pays a commission to the listing broker.  Commission paid to the listing broker does not affect what the property sells for.
  5. free buyers agentHow the buyer’s agent gets paid. Unless, in the very rare occasion that you are working with a FSBO who refuses to pay a buyer’s broker commission, the buyer’s agent gets paid from the seller.  The commission paid to the listing broker from the seller get’s shared with the buyer’s broker at closing.  Therefore, the buyer does not pay commission. Meaning, our buyer’s agent services are FREE to you!

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